Dragon Ball GT free download .

The link is given below follow is ..

Black-Star Dragonball Saga:

01. A Devastating Wish
02. Pan Blasts Off
03. Terror on Imecka
04. The Most Wanted List
05. Goku vs. Ledgic
06. Like Pulling Teeth
07. Trunks, the Bride
08. Whisker Power!
09. Lord Luud
10. Dance and Attack
11. Lord Luud’s Curse
12. The Last Oracle of Luud
13. The Man Behind the Certain
14. The Battle Within
15. Beginning of the End
16. Giru’s Checkered Past

Click here to download :: DBGT  :: SEASON 1 ::  Black-Star Dragonball Saga


20 Responses

  1. Watch all Dragonball Z

  2. Hi can you please tell me where i can find dragonballz free downloads i try every where but cant find and thank you for your great site i will tell all my friends

    Kind Regards

  3. how do you download eppisode 1 (A Devastating Wish )
    in season 1

  4. will you b uploading the old dragonball episodes any time soon the one when the dragon ball series started

  5. how do you put these videos on a dvd so that it can be played on a dvd player

  6. why don’t u upload dragon ball z here?

    • I am not able to upload becoz i am at out of out of my hometown . The DVD are not with me … I promise to upload it soon ……

  7. Is this Dragon Ball Z GT all seasons 4 are remastered ?

  8. Cooll

  9. i want to download af episoads of dbz please……..??????

  10. Please upload db , db z , db gt , db kai ‘s full episodes me and my all frendz definietly subscribe u .

    Thankx for ur uploading

  11. i have all episodes of dragon ball z and dragon ball gt in hd

  12. Please I am failing to download dbgt-please send it to me

    • Dear Frnd ,

      In the video there is preview button , click that button .. This will take you to another page where at the right botton u will have the link of download .

      Hope this will help 🙂

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