DBGT episodes Free Download in English..

This is the links to the episodes ::

Baby Saga:

A Grand Problem (Bonus Introduction to DBGT)
Pan’s Gambit
Unexpected Power
A General Uprising
The Source of Rilldo’s Power
A Secret Revealed
The Baby Secret
Hidden Danger
Discovering the Truth
Baby’s Arrival
Saiyan Hunting
The Attack on Vegeta
A Worldwide Problem
The Fall of the Saiyans
The Game After Life
Collapse From Within
The Return of Uub
The Tail’s Tale
Back in the Game
Goku’s Ascension
The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!
Old Kai’s Last Stand
Family Bonds
Baby Put to Rest
Piccolo’s Decision



43 Responses

  1. Hey could you add DBGT season 4 to this site or tell me where I could download them thanks.

    • Soon………..

      • Hey somnath your a singh right… So am I singha!!! Anyway you know how you said DBGT season 4 will come out soon yeah that was at the start of the year shouldn’t it be out by now!!! Cause I really need it

  2. Thanks but how long is soon?

  3. I love DBZ, thanks for the article 🙂

  4. how do you download teh episodes for season 1? im confused help???

    • JUst click on the download option lying in the 6th column of the respective episode taggedd under the name of Download that is showing an downside arrow icon ..

  5. how to download dbgt episodes season 2?

  6. how to download dbgt episodes 26-40?

  7. well i love dbz,dbgt i m very thanks full to you and the team member and could you plz send me the all episodes of dbgt thanx……….


    • For sharing purpose i have uploaded all the episodes of DBGT clickin the link and get it downloadedd … Enjoyyy watching ………:)

  8. can u upload episodes of dragon ball af ? thankss

  9. pls reply my question?????????

  10. thanks i just downloaded couple of missing dbgt episodes
    from your websites. When will you make dragon ball z series also a lot of fans are waiting. lastly dbgt 64 doesn,t seem to work please fix it fast

    • It will take some time to upload the remaining episodes becoz my now i m not having net noww , it will take some time ……………. I hope u ppl will understand .

  11. hey if u dont mind can u upload the old episodes of dragon ball z cell games and after that
    please need ur help
    and thank u very much for these downloads
    thanks again

  12. how to download dbgt episodes 26-40?

  13. Thanks for DBGT episodes……
    When will you make dragon ball z series?
    Also a lot of fans are waiting……………
    thanks again……

  14. R the vids good quality?

  15. hey i wanna download all of the seasons from 1 -4 i think thats all can u put them up plz

  16. Hey somnath I want to download dragonball z kid buu saga in hindi how can I download it.

  17. Where i can download all season of dragon ball z in hindi ?

  18. Your site is well but not good because which i finding on your site i can’t find Dragon Ball + Dragon Ball Z + Dragon Ball Z hindi dubbed all seasons episodes.When you upload Dragon Ball Z + Dragon Ball Z hindi dubbed all seasons episodes, i give you some special things.

    • If I would hav got the hindi dubbed version I would have upload it . HOw would I dubbed a english video into a Hindi . It is not a google translator , then how come I am suppose to convert it .

  19. I want to download remastered episodes of Dragon Ball, Naruto Naruto Shippuen and Beyblade……………Please upload.

  20. Help dbgt download keep shoing 20 seconds but it never stop to show me the link

    • It is allowing to download the link , after 20 secs the timer get dehighlighted. Just send me the snapshot of the error ..

      Also try opening the link in a different browser .

  21. Downloads does’nt work why

    • It working dude I checked it , u need to login and press the download option present on the right hand side .. Enjoy!!!!

  22. Want 2 download DBGT season 2 but it’s 20 seconds won’t start

  23. how do u download this

    • Just click on the link and select the download button on the extreme right .. There u will have to wait for 20 sec to complete the download …

  24. To any critics I would suggest skip past episode 135
    from the first saga to Shippuden !Sorry to get this off-topic , however I found the website is loading quickly.
    I would like to get the same effect for my site.
    Would value any suggestions on how to achieve that?I’ll be sure to drop by again at some point.

  25. Hey Som, I cnt find the download link to episodes 26 to 40…of DBGT…plzz…help…and is there a dragonball af…cause I saw it on YouTube but there are no search results…here….plzz help…

    • I have problem with that , some data hav been corrupted. Well I will try too add those episodes on another Link … tht will help

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